What we do

We build products that secure
your Web3 experience

Our Vision


Where academia meets REAL Web3 security.
The REAL (Rektify AI Exploratory Analysis Library) API, is a natural language processing(NLP) powered registry of .

Our Mission


Join our weekly radio show on Twitter Spaces to stay up to date on the latest news on attacks in the blockchain industry. Each month, we have special guests from security subject matter experts to cryptocurrency personalities tune in to get in on the action.

Our Team

These are the people behind the magic

Our team is comprised of data scientists, cybersecurity experts, developers, and Web3 builders who have worked for NASA, ZeroFox, Maxar, Ascent Solutions, and within National Security.

team member

Jasmine Brunson

team member

Justin Stewart

Chief Information Security
team member

ilhan Jama

Cybersecurity Specialist
team member

Sharique Raza

Smart Contract Auditor I
team member

DeMarcus Edwards

AI Engineer
Rektify AI

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Rektify AI (beta), helps project development teams and their users mitigate risk in the blockchain industry

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