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What make us different

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We are the only cybersecurity company in the blockchain industry that puts attack literacy first. When you set up a crypto wallet you now become your own bank, making education pertinent for Mass Adoption.

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User education and attack literacy

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Democratization of DYOR

Leveraging real-time data on crypto projects ranging from alt-coins, DAOs, DeFi, NFTs, and other blockchain-based projects to inform users of project metrics they would know if they properly did their own research.

Adversarial attack framework

Tracking and collecting the most minuscule to behemoth exploits, since the inception of Bitcoin, the ICO era (2017), CEX era (2011), and now cross-chain bridge era in 2022.

Smart contract auditing with start-of-the-art ML models

Machine learning is revolutionizing the Web3 space. Specifically, in the security space, we are leveraging graph neural networks and others to detect vulnerabilities before maturing to the attack stage.
Rektify AI

For end-users

Track viable risks associated with the projects in your portfolio.

Instant risk analytics empowers users to diversify in assets they believe are safe and tread with caution with assets they believe are risky.

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Rektify AI

For community

Become a maintainer for our community-led API

Where academia meets REAL Web3 security.
The REAL (Rektify AI Exploratory Analysis Library) API, is a natural language processing(NLP) powered registry of Web3 attacks ranging from the Mt. Gox attack in 2011 to the Ronin Network bridge attack that occurred in 2022. The REAL API is the largest open-source(beta) registry of crypto-related attacks, intended to be used by developers, crypto security junkies, researchers, and for broad educational purposes.

Rektify AI

For developers

Reduce the number of smart contract bugs in your code with our AI-powered continuous code analysis tool.

Rektify AI (beta), helps project development teams find low-severity smart contract bugs they may have overlooked with state-of-the-art PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Keras models. Star our GitHub repo to join the early access waitlist.

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Rektify AI

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Rektify AI (beta), helps project development teams and their users mitigate risk in the blockchain industry

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